Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad Planet Marly, so here's a recipe too

Dear PM Readers,

As you may have noticed, my usual lapse in writing has gone on over 2 months this time. I am very sorry! There are excuses, but I won't make them. Instead, how about I say that sooner than you can whip a bowl of heavy cream, I'll get crackin' on a new post.

In the meantime, mark your calendar to see "Julie & Julia," what looks to be a great foodie flick opening on August 7th. It is based on the non-fiction best-seller of a listless administrative assistant in Queens, NY named Julie Powell, who decides to change her fate by cooking every recipe in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year while simultaneously blogging about it! She was actually a food-blogging pioneer, and adorably called her blog readers "Bleaders." Fantastic.

This feat did change Ms. Powell's fate, and it's a great read. The movie too promises to include cameos of some food world biggie's, including a secret cameo near the end of the film by Frank Bruni, the chief restaurant critic of The New York Times. The irony here is that Mr. Bruni agreed to the film cameo knowing full well that he was stepping down from his post--which required him to keep a secret identity for many years--the same time the movie was being released! I love that.

And so, as penance for the lapse in posts (ok so maybe this has inadvertently been a mini-post), I offer you a mini-recipe. It struck my fancy while flipping through some women's magazine at the dentist office or something. Looks tasty! And if the thought of instant white rice turns you off, just substitute any other kind. Another thought is to take these flavors and incorporate them into a more formal risotto. Yep, now I'm hungry.

Creamy Lemon, Mushroom, Shrimp & Rice
courtesy of Success Rice

1 bag Success rice

1 tbsp. garlic-flavored oil
16 oz. white mushrooms (pre-sliced, 6 cups)
1 8 oz. tub onion & chive cream cheese
1 lb. cooked, peeled & deveined medium shrimp (40)
2 cups pre-rinsed baby spinach
¼ cup water
1 tbsp. lemon juice
½ cup shredded Parmesan

Prepare rice. Heat oil in nonstick pan. Add mushrooms and sauté for 6 minutes until golden. Stir in cream cheese until melted. Add shrimp, spinach and water. Cook until heated, 2 minutes. Fold in rice, lemon, more water if needed to keep creamy. Top with Parmesan. Serves 4 (or a super hungry 1).

Until we meet again,

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